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Return to Work

Companies that permitted fully remote or hybrid work-from-home arrangements during the pandemic are increasingly requiring employees to return to the office. But some employees are pushing back. Can you require in-office attendance without losing talent? Here are some points to consider:

  • Remote work has proven to be very popular with employees and job candidates. In a recent survey by The Conference Board, 70% of workers said that, after a competitive salary, workplace flexibility was the most important job factor. Additionally, remote work can be beneficial to employees with families or those who have disabilities.

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall productivity was down in 2022. Is that true for your company? If so, can you trace any loss of productivity to remote work?

  • Has the option of remote work opened up your candidate pool? Have you been able to attract employees from outside your local area who otherwise may not have come to work for your company?

  • Is employee collaboration fundamental to your business? Has that suffered with the increase in remote work?

  • If you opt to require in-office attendance, incentives such as commuter benefits, higher pay, or other perks like on-site gyms may help with employee retention.

Whether you need legal guidance about remote work or return-to-office policies, Gaunce Law is here to help! Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal


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