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Gaunce Law Team visiting Small Business Twisted Indian in St. Petersburg Florida | Employment and Business Lawyers, St. Petersburg, FL

A Customized Approach
to Your Needs

Gaunce Law takes great pride in providing proactive, high quality, personalized representation for every client. We work with employers and businesses across Florida and believe that effective legal representation should be transparent, thoughtful, and flexible.

Our Process

Our Process

Image of Calendar with note reading "Call with Gaunce Law" Gaunce Law- Employment and Business Lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida

1. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a lawyer.

Image of someone writing in a planner on a desk.  Gaunce Law- Business and Employment Lawyers | St. Petersburg, Florida

2. Estimate

Receive a custom estimate.  We will work with each client to design a cost structure that fits their needs.

"Teamwork" written in Typewriter-style font under a torn blue piece of paper.

3. Engagement

Sign your personalized engagement agreement and we will get started on your project according to your needs.

Our Pricing

We do not think that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing legal work.

Depending on whether the work is performed by an attorney or a paralegal, we have hourly rates and can offer certain drafting, review, or defense fees based on how much time they take to complete. For these matters, we may require a retainer to be deposited in the firm’s trust account or an advanced fee payment be made to ensure adequate funds are available.

However, if you are more comfortable with a flat fee arrangement for the creation of a document or set of documents, we are happy to discuss that, as well.

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