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Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurs can Apply to Local Tech Accelerator

You could be one of the first entrepreneurs to hang out in the Tampa Bay Innovation Center's swanky new digs, the Ark Innovation Center. Act fast - the application Deadline is July 30th.

From the TBIC:

The Tampa Bay Innovation Center (TBIC) is pleased to announce its next tech accelerator program, which will cater to startup companies developing enterprise solutions that leverage data science and artificial intelligence.

TBIC is currently recruiting early-stage startups developing products that apply:

  • Machine Learning

  • Neural networks

  • Natural language processing

  • Image recognition

  • Robotics

  • Generative AI (text, images, code, etc.)

  • IoT sensor networks

The program will run from mid-August through the end of October 2023 and consist of weekly group workshops supplemented by one-on-one mentoring to help these early-stage ventures with customer discovery, product strategy, pricing, go-to-market skills, and putting systems in place that are essential for success. The wrap-up showcase for this program will be one of the first public events hosted in TBIC’s new HQ, the ARK Innovation Center, in St. Petersburg, which is slated to be opened in early October.


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