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Our Talent.

We help people nurture, grow and defend their livelihoods. We guide business owners, employers and employees through the complex world of employment laws, regulations, and contracts. We are passionate about helping people and will do whatever we can to help right the wrongs.


We believe strategic drafting and training can avoid many disputes, but conflicts are inevitable and when they arise, everyone deserves to be heard.

Our Promise.

We will be thoughtful and creative and will treat each client and case with the individual, unique attention it deserves. We are selective with our clients, and you should be selective with choosing an attorney. We will not mislead you in any way. If we discuss your case - whether it be as an employer defending a claim or an employee contemplating filing one - and we do not believe litigation is the best avenue, we will evaluate and discuss all options with you to find the best approach.

Our Difference.

We believe in building relationships with our clients and want you to feel welcome when you come into our quaint bungalow office. Whether you are a business owner/officer or an employee, the issues we are discussing are sensitive and we appreciate you trusting us with your problems. When you work with us, you will get to know us and will become part of our firm’s family. We want you to succeed and want to be there to help you as your business grows or your employment evolves.

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